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Ghaleb Al-Hamad, inventor and prominent busineeman in Saudi Arabia is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Heat Technology Corporation and Firexx Corporation He Holds advanced degree in chemical engineering and has more than 20 years experience in this field. Mr Al-Hamad is the creative genius behind Firexx and actively involves himself with all aspects of product development, including research, design, manufacturing and deployment.
"Firexx has become my life's work.Most important to me is that Firex is a life-saving technology. It addresses one of mankind's oldest enemies, fire ... and the 'ultra fast fires" we call explosions. I am committed to the perfection of our products to enhance the safety and security of all peoples." 
- Ghaleb Al-Hamad

Ghalib Al-Hamad Inventor and founder of Firexx and Heat Technology Corporation.


Mr. Al-Hamad presenting Firexx to His Royal Highness, the crown prince of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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