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Fuel tanks
Fuel transport
Oil Blowout Protection



Firexx offers particular advantages in the transport and storage of flammable gases and liquids whether by road, rail, pipeline, aircraft or water.
Firexx ellipsoids installed (or retrofitted) into 55-gal. drums, or tanker trucks and rail cars eliminate the possibility of vapor ignition...even if there is penetration by bullets or projectiles, Likewise, Firexx protects against accidental or other explosions and "domino" explosions in fuel tank farms. In a fuel pipeline, Firexx is an effective flame stop.
Firexx is extremely light weight (<3.3 lbs/cu. ft), displaces < 1.0% of fuel, does not corrode or degrade, moderates "slosh", reduces overall vaporization. A lower fuel temperatures and has anti-static effect.






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