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Firexx, either in sheet mesh format or iterated as alloy mesh ellipsoids, prevents and suppresses flames and ignition of gas or liquid fuel vapors. No explosion of fuel vapor space in any container. One might even safely weld holes in a tank filled with fuel vapors without explosion - so long as the tank is protected with Firexx.
Firexx's can be applied as a flame arrestor in the form of a barrier and extinguishing wall or blanket.
Firexx can be incorporated into the design and manufacture of fuel containers of any size, or can be retro-installed into existing containers for, aircraft, automotive, watercraft, trains and fuel storage containers of all kinds.
- Prevents explosions
- Stops fire
- prevents corrosion
- Does not impede fuel flow
- Dose not degrade
- Displaces < 1% of fuel
- weight < 3.3 lbs/cu. ft.
- Simply installed; resable
- Maintains or lowers fuel temperature
- Minimizes "slosh"
- Traps flames in fuel pipes
- Does not contaminate fuel
- prevents electrostatic charge buildup and ignition
- Reduces fuel vaporization
- Easily removed for tank cleaning

Picture of auto gas tank being welded

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