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Firexx conducted its first instrumented testes in 1993 on Firexx Fortification at the Battelle Laboratory in Ohio. In that test, Firexx was proven to reduce overpressures by 98%. However, since the test involved a very small charge and point blank detonation, scientifically scalable testing without those anomalies was required.

A test was conducted jointly by Firexx and Saudi Chemical Company in 1997. A charge equivalent to 25 lbs of TNT detonated at 1 foot distance from a Firexx Fortification barrier wall consisting of just a few inches of Firexx cladding. With the wall off set from the target 6-in standard concrete block wall by just two ft, the target wall was undamaged by the blast. A later test in Saudi Arabia involved the explosion of 25 lbs of TNT at just 4 feet. The 6-in concrete block wall protected by a few inches of Firexx remained undamaged, while an unprotected wall subject to the same detonation was breached with a 4 ft diameter hole and debris was scattered more than 200 ft from the target.

Firexx Fortification's blast attenuation capability was again dramatically validated at the U.S. Force Protection Equipment Demonstration I and FPED II at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia in 1997 and 1999. A test involved 25 lb of Pentolite detonated at 15 feet distance between two 6 in thick concrete wall structures. The unprotected wall was completely destroyed, while the wall protected by just a 6-in Firexx Fortification padding was totally undamaged.

In 1997 Firexx conducted additional instrumented tests at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, In one of experiments, 45 lbs of Pentolite (= ~ 50 lbs TNT) was detonated at a distance of ~ 10 feet. The conclusion by Aberdeen's scientists was that the 8-in depth Firexx Fortification pad had reduced overpressure "bleed through" (roughly defined as the pressure remaining at the back of the pad) by up to 94%.

Firexx continues to engage in testing of Firexx Fortification. Each test reaffirms the conclusion of Firexx engineers that the material has remarkable blast attenuation qualities that can be designed as scalable and efficient protection against almost any conventional threat level.



Damage to unprotected wall from 25 lbs TNT at 1 ft.


Firexx protected wall after blast of 25 lbs at 1 ft. Detonation distance.


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