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Civilian and military vehicles can be protected against the killing effects of conventional land mines with merely a few inches of FIREXX FORTIFICATION padding installed in the under-carriage. Firexx vehicle protection systems can be easily engineered with composites or other materials for protection against mine shrapnel.
In military demonstrations conducted using civilian small trucks, a 3.6 lb. C4 land mine was detonated directly beneath vehicles unprotected by Firexx. Then, there was similar land-mine size explosives detonated under a truck that was shielded by just a few inches of Firexx cladding.
As the pictures on the right show, the unprotected trucks were destroyed, but the occupants of the Firexx-protected vehicle likely could have survived the blast.

Un protected truck bed totally destroyed.



Un protected passengers compartment totally destroyed.


Firexx-protected truck bed with little damage.


Firexx-protected passenger compartment with little damage.


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