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FIREXX FORTIFICATION™  is a suite of products and engineered system that incorporate Firexx metal alloy mesh technology.
FIREXX FORTIFICATION system protect buildings and mission-critical facilities - and the peoples inside - from most of the devastation of air blast explosions - whether from a few ounces of explosives, or tens of thousands of pounds of TNT - equivalent charges.
FIREXX FORTIFICATION is formatted as architectural cladding applied to exterior or interior walls of buildings, tunnels and other facilities. Or, it can be installed as protective freestanding perimeter walls and fences that are set-off by several meters from target structures.

Firexx Fortification relies upon different principles of physics than conventional passive blast protection techniques – essentially "softening," rather than "hardening" targets, thus achieving the same levels of blast protection without great mass or off-set distances.

In many cases conventional protection techniques are perfectly appropriate and will continue to be used. However, there are other circumstances in which Firexx Fortification may prove more suitable on its own, or as a supplement to conventional barrier techniques. As an example, in many retrofit circumstances safe perimeter distances are not available, the structure dose not have the dimension, nor the load bearing capacity, to allow for bulky hardening. Or, Firexx Fortification is suitable in field situations where solutions are needed quickly, barrier materials must be easily deployable and there not enough time or local skills to design, construct and cure complex reinforced concrete barriers and structures. The other advantage of Firexx Fortification in field situation is that most system units are easily removable and re-deployable.


  • Comparable effectiveness to conventional "hardening" and alternative blast mitigation approaches.
  • Thousand of cu ft of Firexx Fortification already installed as blast protections against threats of a few lbs to 000's of lbs TNT.
  • Applied as cladding or perimeter protective walls, new construction/retrofits/upgrades and supplements; interior/exterior; field-deployable.
  • Typically 3 to 6 times less in volume than concrete protection.
  • Super-light: mitigates the engineering issue of "load bearing" in retrofits and upgrades)
  • Pre-fabricated; fast, easy installation: no complex design and construction, or the need for highly-skill labor as with conventional "hardening" approaches.
  • Pre-fabricated panels contour to most shapes (curves, columns, arches, insets and off-sets, etc.)
  • Common architecturally aesthetic facade materials may be used when necessary.
  • Non-corrosive, non-electrostatic, re-usable/re-deployable.
  • Scalable production quantities available; short lead time. Remote manufacturing available.
  • Normally 30% to 50% + all-in cost advantage over simple concrete hardening.

Typical 8ft. tall Firexx Fortification pre fabricated cladding or barrier wall unit.


Firexx Fortification warehouse in Riyadh Units are pre fabricated and quickly deployed


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