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FIREXXTM is an historic scientific breakthrough technology protected by more than 90 patents worldwide. The core invention is ultra-thin, yet strong, expanded alloy foil "mesh", formatted either in sheets or egg-sized ellipsoid.

Firexx Headquarters and Factory - Riyadh, K.S.A.

This elegant material has a family of remarkable engineered products and architectural security enhancements. Firexx has been proven to have seemingly-magical capacity to protecting buildings and peoples from the devastation air blast explosions and bombs, prevent and extinguish firs and detonations of flammable liquids and gasses … any to save lives and critical facilities in many other ways.

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Firexx Corporation (heat Technology Corporation)  
Riyadh 3 Insubstantial City  
P.O. Box 27098  
Riyadh, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia 11417  
Telephone: 966-1-265-1111  
Fax: 966-1-265-2222 
Firexx USA 
Telephone: 703-516-0900 
Fax :703-516-0800


FIREXX™ is the invention of Mr. Ghaleb Al-Hamad, a scientist, chemist and industrialist. Since being granted his first patent in 1993 for the basic received. of Firexx, Mr. Al-Hamad has received more than 90 patents from government worldwide.

There are many known application for Firexx already  ...and more being discovered constantly. 

The optimal uses of Firexx so far are for blast mitigation, fire stopping and prevention, and for explosives and fuel storage and transport.

FIREXX™  currently is researched, engineered and manufactured in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Firexx corporation and its sister company, Heat Technology Corporation. Firexx can be easily manufactured in other locations and generally with local materials.

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